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Acuter NatureClose 100 Spotting Scope Straight

Acuter NatureClose 100 Spotting Scope Straight

MPN: 40918

This superb large 100mm waterproof Spotting Scope is perfect for serious terrestrial observations such as birdwatching and wildlife study. Optical performance is excellent, deliverying crisp, bright, sharp, high-resolution images, across the entire field of view. A 22x to 67x magnification Zoom eyepiece is included as standard. The standard multi-coated zoom eyepiece offers generous eye-relief, and fold-back rubber eyecups, making them suitable for spectacle wearers. The 100mm objective lens is multi-coated for maximum light transmission and image contrast. Focusing is ultra-smooth and the telescope tube is covered with a protective rubberized paint finish to help protect it from the elements. This model can be mounted on a standard photographic tripod via an integral tripod bush.

Colour/Material: Black/Grey Rubber, Rubberised Coating.

The Acuter is certainly a smart-looking spotter. Focusing was very smooth to the touch and we didn’t spend a lot of time re-adjusting it after changing magnifications because it stayed pretty sharp. Stars remained clear across a good 80% of the wide 2 degree field of view …The colourful double star Algieba was nicely split at 60x , and this was the only spotter to cleanly split Castor, despite it being a closer pair. Saturn was rewarding, with rings cutting across the disc, and Titan could be seen nearby. All in all we found this spotter did a good job when turned to the heavens.
BBC Sky At Night Magazine

Multi Coated Optics
Soft Padded Case
Magnification Zoom x22-x67
Object Lens Diameter 100mm
Focal Length 540mm
Actual Field of View 1.8°-0.9°

Price: 245.00

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