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Altair Wave Series 115 F7 ED Triplet APO

Altair Wave Series 115 F7 ED Triplet APO

Newer more refined OTA design with ultra hard pearl matt powdercoat. Now supplied with a hight quality CNC Rack and Pinion geared focuser with self centering 2" aperture and 2" to 1.25" adapter.

The Altair Astro 115mm F7 EDT APO is a highly specified triplet APO refractor which significantly outperforms 4" refractors both in resolution and light grasp, whilst still remaining quite portable. The Altair 115mm F7 EDT is the ideal multi-purpose telescope platform, suited for the amateur astronomer interested in both visual and imaging use, and offering excellent performance in both areas. It offers a wide-field or a high power view and is therefore more versatile than a Cassegrain type reflector, enabling high contrast views of planets and wide field deep sky objects.

What performance improvement does the Wave Series triplet ED lens offer?
The Altair 115mm APO sports a triplet air-spaced lens cell for better colour correction than normal doublet or dual lens telescopes. This results in higher contrast, and a cleaner sharper image with less spurious colour. The combination of a triplet ED lens system with high surface accuracy and the fact that this telescope does not have a central obstruction like a reflector telescope, means that it will deliver increased contrast compared to a reflector telescope such as a Schmidt Cassegrain or Newtonian of slightly more aperture, revealing more detail. This is why you'll hear amateur astronomers say things like " an APO punches above it's weight in aperture compared to a reflector" or " this gives a planetary image like only a refractor can" and so-on. Because there are more optical surfaces and materials involved, a triplet APO triplet refractor costs more than a comparable ED doublet or "semi-APO" - as well as reflectors of similar aperture. Never has the statement "you get what you pay for" been more true. An additional advantage is that you get a wide-field view and a high power view in one package, offering more flexibility than an SCT or Maksutov. Please note, we aren't saying that Maksutovs and reflectors are inferior designs by any means - a premium refractor just offers more clear aperture at the same size if compared directly, however it also costs more money per inch of aperture. There's no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to optics! Feel free to email us to discuss your individual observing style, and which scope is best for you.

What can I expect to see with this telescope?
The Altair Wave Series 115mm APO will deliver very high contrast images of planets and the Moon. Under steady skies you will easily be able to see detail and changing weather patterns in the cloud belts of Jupiter, the pastel shades of Saturn's planetary disc, as well as the Cassini Division in Saturn's rings. You'll be able to distinguish the changing weather patterns on Mars, as well the dusky surface features and the ice-white polar caps (seasons permitting). Remember planetary viewing is perfectly possible in the city and that light pollution will not affect your view at all. The Moon will reveal so much detail that is isn't worth going into here, suffice to say that you could spend many hours watching the sun rise over crater walls, Lava plains, impact craters and mountain ranges. In terms of deep-sky objects the 115mm 7 performs best on the brighter Messier Objects. under dark skies, it will resolve the individual stars in globular clusters like M13 in Hercules, and you will be able to see wisps of nebulosity in objects like the Orion Nebula giving it a 3D effect, as well as the dust lane in the Andromeda galaxy quite easily. The Ring nebula in Lyra is also presented a nice target and a blue/green colour cast was quite visible. This telescope can be used with nebula and light pollution filters to bring out even more detail.

115mm F805 APO specification:

Aperture - 115mm F805mm Focal Length
Resolution - 1.01 arc seconds
Limiting Visual Magnitude - 11.1
Highest Useful Magnification - 230x (atmospheric conditions permitting)
Air spaced ED triplet APO lens with optical test report and interferogram image
Fully multi coated on all optical surfaces for high transmission
Aluminium with white stardust paint
Retractable, lockable dew shield
CNC Dual speed Rack 'n Pinion focuser (360 degree rotation with Teflon tipped screws)
2" to 1.25" Self-Centering Adapter
1:10 ratio micro focuser knob
Optional 60mm Deluxe right angled finder scope with illuminated reticule
CNC machined tube rings compatible with Altair TMS M6 hole spacing.
Vixen format dovetail plate
2" adapter with brass compression ring and two clamping screws
Scope Weight - approx.7.2kg including tube rings, without accessories
Scope Length 72cm with dewshield retracted, 88cm with dewshield extended
Case * Please note: The case is sold as "packaging only" and is provided with this telescope to protect it during shipping. The product guarantee does not extend to damage of the case during shipping, nor failure of the case, catches, zips, foam, or other fittings, and you are not being charged for the case when buying a telescope. If the case has absorbed damage, it is considered to have fulfilled it's function to protect the contents (which are of course guaranteed to arrive undamaged).

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Altair Wave Series 115 F7 ED Triplet APO

MPN: AA115-2016

Price: 1,699.00

The Altair Astro 115mm F7 EDT APO is a highly specified triplet APO refractor which significantly outperforms 4" refractors both in resolution and light grasp, whilst still remaining quite portable. It offers a wide-field or a high power view and is therefore more versatile than a Cassegrain type reflector, enabling high contrast views of planets and wide field deep sky objects. All Altair refractor models are checked optically and tested and guaranteed to be in collimation - this assurance is provided at no cost to the customer.

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