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Harrison Telescopes Customer Feedback

We publish product and service reviews here to help customers new and old, we believe product reviews are an invaluable resource when deciding on important purchases, this section is updated daily.

Recent Product Reviews from our Customers

  Altair 72 EDF Deluxe CNC ED Refractor
Good views and convenient for imaging
  This is a compact, portable doublet ED refractor with nice wide-field views visually. There is minimal chromatic aberration and I've found it convenient to use a T-threaded Barlow lens as a camera adapter. Lots of separate rotating parts. Comes with a finder shoe. Dovetail can fit a 1.4" tripod.  (17/01/2021) -

  Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack Astro Imaging Mount
  The Skywatcher Star Adventure is an excellent choice for anyone starting out in Astro photography as it is easy to handle because of its portability, rather than getting right in from the beginning with a more heavier mount.  (17/01/2021) Robert Anderson - Paisley Scotland

  Universal 10 Amp 12 Volt Mains Telescope Power Supply
Great price and PSU
  What can I say its a 12v power supply, things don't get any duller to review. but it works on my Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro mount well Its the first time I have used Harrison Telescopes. they had this PSU in stock, and you would think they are an amazon wannabe with the speed of delivery next day!  (16/01/2021) Stuart Buchanan - Accrington

  Celestron - SkyWatcher Compatible 12v 6 Amp Mains Power Supply
  Good advice,quality product, arrived very quickly.  (16/01/2021) -

  Baader Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV Eyepiece & Barlow
A fine upgrade for supplied oculars
  Upgrade for the eyepieces of my Sky-Watcher 200P Dobsonian following glowing reviews on the forums. It made sense to get the Barlow bundle as well. This hits the sweet spot in terms of optic quality, range of magnification, convenience and cost. A quality product and image quality superb.  (16/01/2021) B Laniosh - Worcestershire

  Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack Astro Imaging Mount
Amazing service
  Redoing to email question straight away and posting as usual is super quick. Great service, recommended!!  (16/01/2021) Jason -

  Canon EOS T Ring
Quick delivery
  Again, I ordered the item and it was here the next day, faultless!  (16/01/2021) Jason -

  Ostara Skyglow and Moon Filter 1.25 Inch
Great for when we get a clear sky!
  Not used it yet due to weather being cloudyz snowy, rainy or just naff!!! New to Astronomy with a scope so picking up bits as I go along, got this for light pollution filter n moon glare, seems a nice addition, great service from Harrisons. Speedy delivery thanks  (16/01/2021) Andrea Littledyke - Barnsley

  Universal T Adapter 1.25 Inch
Extra piece for camera and telescope
  Attached to my Nikon D3300 and the other bit I bought to my Skywatcher scope. Inexpensive and great service from Harrisons  (16/01/2021) Andrea Littledyke - Barnsley

  Nikon T Ring
Easy does what I need it to do
  New to Astrophotography, still baffled by science but this fixes to my Nikon D3300 camera and whenever skies are clear I can now get photos with my Skywatcher ??  (16/01/2021) Andrea Littledyke - Barnsley

  Altair Deluxe 70mm Imaging Extension Tube
Perfect Focus for your DSLR Camera
  This tube enables me to get perfect focus from my Canon DSLR when atatched to my 120mm SkyWatcher refractor. It feels sturdy and well made in the hand and the three thumbscrews hold the camera securly and snugly. The finish is great and it looks and feels a quality product. I would reccomend it.  (13/01/2021) Chris Lemin - London

  Universal T Adapter 2x Barlow
Very pleased
  Initially I wasn't sure if this was the correct item for my telescope and after sending an enquiry within a few minutes I had a response. It fits perfectly and works well. Highly recommend both the product and the service.  (11/01/2021) Andrew Harrison - East London

  Universal T Adapter 2x Barlow
Good quality, great service
  Harrison provided good advice on a reasonably priced Barlow that would work with my telescope. Arrived swiftly and works very well.  (11/01/2021) -

  Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack Astro Imaging Mount
Fantastic piece of kit and exceptional service
  Harrison Telescopes expertly guided me when deciding on what I needed to begin my journey into Astrophography. The Skywatcher Star Adventurer is a well built and user friendly piece of kit. It is ergonomically made and very intuitive to use.  (11/01/2021) Tristan - Newcastle

  Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RACI Finderscope
Excellent product and well made - Fast delivery
  Bought this to replace my red dot scope that my was on my Nexstar 8 SE. This is a lot more than an upgrade. It is well made and very impressed with the optics. Simple to fit on my scope with no problem at all Definitely recommend it. this is the third time I have purchased items from Harrison's.  (10/01/2021) D. Leyland - Louth

  Baader Hyperion Eyepiece T Adaptor M43
  Nothing to complain about. Good quality. Works perfectly.  (10/01/2021) - UK

  Celestron Universal T Adapter 1.25 Inch
I need the 2x Barlow
  Did not work,(not enough focusing range on the telescope). I believe I need the 2x Barlow lens at the end of the t adapter for it to work. Do you have the Barlow lens sold separately? I would ask for a return but I have scratched the indent with the screws that hold it in place.  (10/01/2021) -
Our Reply: If you have a reflector you probably do need a barlow T adapter in order to focus, we do have these under Accessories - Barlows. Some companies have sold the screw on barlow lens for the bottom thread, we have not seen them for a while but could be worth a Google search as that would work.

  Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finder
Much better
  than the original equipment supplied with the scope. Much sturdier and easier to use. Smoother turndown on the red dot brightness. Easy to align. Good service from Harrison Telescopes.  (10/01/2021) John - South Wales

  Celestron NexYZ 3 Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter
Well worth getting.
  Easy to fit and align when used with a Moto G5. No clear skies to try any Astro photography yet but got some good wildlife shots. It's like having a 1500mm telephoto on your cellphone. Good service from Harrison Telescopes  (10/01/2021) John - South Wales

  Explore Scientific 2 Inch Neutral Density Moon Filter ND-09
Works Very Well
  Cuts all the glare as you'd expect, can see more detail, very nice.  (10/01/2021) Andy Heath - Andy Heath

  DewZapper 2" OD Dew Heater Tape 28cm Long
Works well - short cable
  Bought this to keep my guide scope clear in sub zero temperatures. It complements my 80 mm dew zapper and feeds from the same two socket controller. Easy to fit (after a couple of goes in daylight). Only a 1 metre cable so there needs to be a bit of slack on the other side of the controller.  (10/01/2021) Andrew - Bromley

  Celestron Lunar and Planetary Colour Filter Set
A Good By
  Good value. Four colour filters in a good case.Good delivery time.  (10/01/2021) Philip - Wiltshire

  Celestron Dew Shield 6 & 8 Inch SCT
Works well enough
  Tried it for a few hours on a damp cold January night in Manchester and it worked well. Not pretty and a pain to fit, but Im glad I bought it.  (10/01/2021) J Reed - Manchester

  SkyWatcher Heritage 150P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope
Great telescope, insanely good service
  Ordered this on the 23rd of December and it arrived on Christmas eve! Delivered to Scotland within 24hrs on Christmas eve during a pandemic. Unbelievably good service! The telescope itself is excellent, I'm a complete novice, but it was easy to set up and use! cant ask for anymore!  (10/01/2021) Gavin Macintosh - Paisley, Scotland

  Micro 4/3 T2 Adapter Ring
Good quality item
  Good website, order process and delivered within promised timescale. Thanks guys, will return  (10/01/2021) Richard - Seaford, UK

  SkyWatcher SkyMax 127 AZ-GTI Maksutov Telescope
Great service
  Harrison gave me good service and delivered earlier than expected.  (10/01/2021) Peter - Marple.

  Ostara Skyglow and Moon Filter 1.25 Inch
Moon Filter review
  Brought this to help give clarity in the city. It's a really great addition reveals loads more in the night sky for city dwellers and helps cut down light pollution effects some..  (10/01/2021) Martin Whitehouse - Martin Whitehouse

  Celestron NexYZ 3 Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter
Excellent bit of kit
  I purchased this so that i can use my Samsung phone for taking pics through either my binoculars or telescope. It's worked really well on both. I would recommend it  (10/01/2021) Sonia Luff - Lincs

  SkyWatcher SkyMax 127 AZ-GTI Maksutov Telescope
Quick delivery excellent customer service
  Ordered just before Christmas expected it would arrive early new year, it came o!n 23 December very impressed. Asked a few questions they answered even on a Sunday!  (10/01/2021) LG - Middlewich

  Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Microfocuser Celestron 925 and EdgeHD 925
Great upgrade!
  Ordered this on 30th December at 2pm. Website said you were closed until 4th January so imagine my surprise when it arrived at 11.30am on 31st December. Absolutely fantastic service! Fitting it was really easy and much better than the standard Celestron focuser. Will definitely buy from you again!  (10/01/2021) Doug Main - Aberdeen

  Celestron EclipSmart 8 Inch SCT Solar Filter
Easy to use and very prompt delivery
  I ordered the Celestron solar filter in the expectation of a quality accessory for my Nexstar 8se. I was not disappointed, and I was very impressed with the quick delivery. Ii is great to be able to use the telescope in the day time, and not just on a (rare) clear evening!  (10/01/2021) Stephen - East Sussex

  Universal T Adapter 1.25 Inch
Another excellent piece of kit
  Purchased at the same time as the EOS adapter, both well finished and very sturdy, fitted to my d and Meade 114 Polaris without any trouble  (10/01/2021) Brian - Derbyshire

  Canon EOS T Ring
Excellent peine of kit
  I ordered this over the Christmas period and arrived very quickly. The product is very well made and fitted perfectly to my 6D Excellent product & excellent service  (10/01/2021) Brian - Derbyshire

  Celestron AVX CGEM Polar Finder Scope
Prompt service and delivery
  Goods arrived promptly and well packaged. Just need some clear skies....  (10/01/2021) -

  Celestron - SkyWatcher Compatible 12v 6 Amp Mains Power Supply
  Excellent service, arrived quicker than stated, will definitely be using again for my Astronomy needs. Can definitely recommend .  (10/01/2021) Andrew - Nottingham

  SkyWatcher Heritage 150P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope
Fantastic Service, great bit of kit.
  Firstly, the service was great. Kept in touch throughout, good price and ongoing support. The scope works straight out of the box and is simple enough for my 9 year old (and me) but doesnt mean its inferior. It lives up to the research I did beforehand with amazing views of the night sky. Love it!  (10/01/2021) Michael Williams - Brighton, UK

  Celestron NexYZ 3 Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter
Worth the money
  This is worth the money and is very easy to use compared to cheaper alternatives The 3 axis control means fine tuning is easy and not fiddly to do. I could even adjust it with gloves on. Only slight negative. It is possible to open it too much when inserting phone but its easy to sort.  (10/01/2021) David - Tobermory Scotland

  SkyWatcher Heritage 150P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope
Great company to buy from and great Telescope.
  I emailed the company on Christmas Day excited to spend Christmas money. Amazingly they responded on boxing day with the answers I needed. The Telescope was well packed and ready to use. I am still learning but so far the scope has exceeded my expectations and I have had amazing viewing. Cheers  (10/01/2021) David - Tobermory Scotland

  SkyWatcher 90 Degree Polar Scope Eyepiece
Top service, speedy delivery.
  Item came well packaged and very quickly. Very happy thanks!  (10/01/2021) Craig - South Yorkshire

  SkyWatcher Heritage 150P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope
Great service and during lockdown too!
  With most telescopes out of stock on many websites i was very surprised to receive great service and almost delivery within 2 days. Very impressed. Great beginner telescope too  (10/01/2021) -

Customer Feedback

We are very proud of our customer feedback, here are some examples:

Hi Ed

You supplied a telescope to me, with hours to go before Christmas, for my husband's Christmas present. I've been meaning to write a review since then, and have finally carved out some time to do so! I'd be happy for you to add the following review to your website (with a 5 star rating!):

Despite being extremely busy, with only hours to go before closing for Christmas, Ed found time to give me some options and information about which telescope to buy for my husband for his Christmas present. Because I was so last minute I didn't expect to receive the 'scope in time, but it arrived the following day to the delight of my husband on Christmas morning. The scope itself is really well built and easy to set up even by novices and both my husband and son have been enjoying exploring the night sky… my son has even started an Astronomy GCSE. My husband had a few queries about linking his phone to the telescope and Ed was always willing to help, and sent links for further information. We even found a link to our local Astronomy group (Heaton Park in Manchester) through the Harrison Telescopes web site and have joined up. Very happy with the advice, the telescope itself, the service and the after care. I would highly recommend Harrison Telescopes to anyone looking to buy equipment for astronomy.

Best wishes


I can only agree with other reviews regarding the fantastic customer service. I called to look into getting a new tripod/mount and explained the issue I had with my telescope set up and was given excellent advice on how to resolve it. It's good to know that there are still places that are still prepared to provide assistance when it's needed - They will be my first option when buying new equipment from now on

Iain Corkett

I have ordered several items from Harrison's and I have never been disappointed. An efficient and thoroughly excellent supplier of astronomical equipment. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Brian B Ritchie

Ted, hi
Many thanks for the advice, and the adapter received yesterday.
Perfect fit and a clear night to test the system! - everything worked as it should.

SH Norfolk

Hi Ed,

Have to say a big thank you Ed for helping me make my scope purchase decision, your advice and guidance was invaluable and I am delighted with the outcome.

Having read some adverse comments about the red dot finder, on the contrary, I found it very easy to set up and use. Each to there own I guess

No doubt there will be further questions down the line and I am sure, and hope, purchases, but full praise has to be given up to this point in time for the excellent standard of service I received - Delighted

Kind regards


To all at harrison telescopes

Many thanks to all with the delivery of my new celestron cpc 9.25. After a few problems that arose had a very quick phone call and everything sorted with no problems at all and no hassle, it is an absolute pleasure that harrison telescopes make sure that customers come first before anything else and make sure that customer is always happy. I would like to say THANKS very much for excellent service and would highly recommend to anyone. Once again thanks


Paul D

Just a letter to thank you for your help and advice regarding the purchase of my (first) telescope. The erect image diagonal and moon filter arrived on Thursday (less than 24 hrs after ordering !) and the telescope arrived Friday lunchtime. Excellent !. Everything as it should be.
The telescope was a breeze to assemble, and the quality exceeded my expectations.
I have just come indoors after my first attempt at stargazing ! There was a lot of intermittent cloud early and mid evening, so I decided to try again a bit later. Around 10:45 the sky improved and I had my first view of the moon through a telescope. WOW.! Better than I could have imagined. Tracked and studied it for over an hour ! ! Then I focused on a bright object which had come into view. At first I thought that there was a fault in the eyepiece as there were four small bubble-like objects, one to the right, and three to the left of the light that I was looking at. Then I realised (as you probably have already!) that it was Jupiter. Fantastic. Found it by accident! Another hour tracking and studying. I then picked a few more random stars to study until my need for a mug of tea brought me back indoors.What a great first evening. And all of that with the 25mm eyepiece. Can't wait for Saturday night with the 9 mm.

Thanks again for your excellent service and input. I will,no doubt, contact you again when I need accessories etc.

David C M

Great service, I ordered the binoculars for a birthday gift and they arrived next day well packaged and would definitely recommend your company to friends...

Nigel C

It is exceedingly nice to be able to praise a firm's service.
This order was placed at 11:37 yesterday, your "Dispatched" email came through at 11:56, and the item was delivered by Royal Mail first thing this morning - under 24 hours from thought to deliverance!

Many many thanks and I can assure you I will be extremely happy recommending you and will also be using your services again.

Best regards


Thanks Harrisons
I,ve ordered two scopes multiple eyepieces and have received everything within twenty four to forty eight hours all well packaged and protected.
had difficulty with my meade ls and was even sent an sd card for free with the latest software!
this is why i return again and again to Harrisons well done its great to deal with such a professional company.

A. C

I cannot recall when I last felt the need to sing the praises of a company, but I need to do it with Harrison telescopes, and especially Ed. From the very first contact, I have received a first class service and as a novice to this hobby I have been guided step by step, on equipment and set up .
The customer service and care were second to none, speed of delivery amazing and troubleshooting invaluable.
I recommend this as a fantastic place to shop.
Yours gazing star ward

Dave Martin

Amazing service. The tripod arived today.


Really appreciate the service which exceeded my expectations.


Ordered a SkyWatcher Startravel 120mm EQ3-2 Refractor Telescope on Monday evening, the order was processed and despatched on Tuesday and delivered to my specified delivery address on Wednesday.

The product was superbly packaged and with free delivery represents excellent value.

Thanks again for service second to none - I don't suppose you could arrange some clear nights for me????

Regards, Stuart

Many thanks for your efforts and speed of service.

The Celestron 6SE, NexImage and Dew Shield all arrived by carrier before
lunch time. The Power Supply by Royal Mail at 10.30am. Fantastic service
and much appreciated.

Has been assembled and now awaits my wife's return so we can both have a go
at aligning, this evening.



Dear Sir/Madam

Just a few lines to thank you for all your help and excellent service regarding Meade Autostar #497.


Thanks very much, really appreciate the advice, especially so quickly and this late on a Saturday night. Brilliant service. I have ordered the rucksack from your site which is also a joy to use.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial on the customer feedback page if you wish.

Thanks again.


Just a quick note to all at Harrison's - After searching high and low for a paypal retailer you were the only one who stocked the specialist eyepiece filters i was after . . . Sally was very helpful in giving me information and the items came promptly, well packaged and Free From Dust ( you would be surprised how many companies send you that for free . . . ) I'm sure i shall use this company for years to come !

James L

Sally, Thank you for the order below which I received today. It is always nice to deal with a company for whom customer relations are a priority, so no doubt I will put an order through you in the future.

Thank you again


Dear Harrison Telescopes,
Just a thank you for your advice on choosing my first telescope, I am very pleased with the new Sky-Watcher Explorer and will be in contact soon for more eyepieces!!

J D Suffolk

Just to say thank you for the telescope my husband is delighted.


Dear Ed,

just a quickie that I am clamping to you and your whole team - for a fast delivery = saving my back before I leave the country.

Everything went smooth and the item is so beautifuly packed!

Thank you ever so much.



Just wanted to say "thank you" for the excellent service - the filter arrived the next working day! Amazing service, so thanks again!

Kind regards, JW

Hi Ed

thankyou for sorting this out - the case arrived yesterday and the chap took the damaged one.

we appreciate your help with our order.....the measures of good customer service is with how companies sort it out when things arent quite right and you sorted this out very well......prompt replys and good communication

thank you and happy new year!

regards A & H

Good Afternoon,

SD Cards received. Many thanks for your prompt action in getting these to me. Very much appreciated and a great example of excellent customer service.

Best Rgds A

Hi Sally

That is very kind and generous of you. Have to say it is refreshing to deal with a retailer who clearly cares about their customers.

Steve R

Hi there
Eos T ring received today, just wanted to say great product, great price and thanks for a smooth quick transaction
All the best


Hi Ed thank you very much for the very prompt and quick delivery for the Lens cap, I think that the service you have given to me has been exceptional and I would certainly recommend your company to anybody,

K Baker

I have purchased a telescope and lens kit from you, 2 separate transactions and want to applaud you for the superb service you have provided.
The price, speed of response, communication, packing and shipping are all 5 star
Will definitely deal with you again in the future
Thanks again