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Recent Product Reviews from our Customers

  SkyTech CLS Canon EOS Clip Fit Filter
Happy with the filter
  As usual, the clouds roll in so I haven't been able to fully test this filter. Fits into the camera okay, just needed a little adjustment on the arms to hold it firm. A few 'landscape' test shots and the filter looks fine. Still need to try in the anger though.  (16/05/2022) Jonathan - London, UK

  Baader 7.5mm T-2 Extension Tube
Highest quality
  Baader adapters are not cheap but they are well thoughtout. Compared to cheaper T2 extension tubes this one has deep threads for a secure connection and side grip so that it doesnt get stuck. Excellent service from Harrison Telescopes.  (10/05/2022) Michael - United Kingdom

  DewZapper 7-8" OD Dew Heater Tape 87cm Long
Keeps the Dew at bay.
  I suffered dew frosting up the front glass on my SCT. I connected the dew zapper up to a 20Ah battery and controlled the voltage via a "buck" DC-DC convertor. Tube temperatures was 5.7 deg and with the controller at 50% the dew zapper had the front of the tube at 16 deg C.  (09/05/2022) Paul - Wales

  Altair 80mm Guide Scope Kit w Precision Locking Focuser and Vixen Bar
Highly recommend
  Build quality is great. All metal yet still lightweight, important when attaching to a mount. The threaded locking screws used to adjust the eyepiece tube for focus are robust. I feel they will securely hold the camera/eyepiece  (08/05/2022) Mr D - England

  Celestron StarPointer Universal Red Dot Finder
Delivery was smooth and swift
  I purchased this item to replace an EZ-Finder II that finally gave up the ghost after six years. It is identical in every respect. It comes with a battery and several attachments for mounting on your telescope including the Orion XT. No instructions but these can be found online for the EZ.  (08/05/2022) Paul - Surrey

  SkyWatcher 3/8 Inch Thread Stainless Steel Tripod
Excellent Tripod
  A very substantial, quality tripod. Very pleased and excellent customer service from Harrisons Telescopes. The item and company highly recommended.  (08/05/2022) M. Thompson - South Wales

  Acuter Voyager MAK-80 80mm Maksutov Cassegrain
Dual purpose telescope
  Great telescope that can be used for astronomy or terrestrial viewing. Lightweight and portable with its own bag. Good value and fast delivery. Thanks. Paul  (02/05/2022) Paul - Cumbria

  Horizon 8115 2-Way Heavy Duty Tripod
It was great!
  It was great! Ordered the horizon tripod for heavy binoculars after speaking to the staff great product and quick delivery unfortunately it was damaged I contacted the staff and it was dealt with instantly a new part was sent out and received the next day what service  (02/05/2022) Andrew -

  Baader AstroSolar A4 Solar Film
Great for making a filters for telescopes and lens
    (02/05/2022) -

  SkyWatcher Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
Very useful for a newbie
  Collimation was a totally new concept to me as a newbie to astronomy but this piece of kit made it so easy to adjust my mirrors. Nice and simple to purchase and not too expensive. Delivered really quickly. Very happy on all sides of the coin.  (02/05/2022) viragopaul - Hertfordshire

  SkyWatcher Heritage 150P Virtuoso GTi WiFi Dobsonian Telescope
  Overall, a great wi-fi go-to mount with a Skywatcher Heritage 150P reflector scope. Generally pleased but wasn't aware of the focusing system on this scope, isn't mentioned in the description and had I known, would have chosen another scope. Harrisons Telescopes gave efficient and prompt service.  (01/05/2022) Malcolm Thompson - South Wales
Our Reply: Apologies - we have now added the focuser type within the description and specifications.

  SkyTech LPRO MAX 2 Inch CCD Filter
Excellent service.
  The service is very quick, ordered Wednesday morning, it arrived Thursday morning. I've used the filter once so far on the Pinwheel Galaxy And found it to do what it says in the shops writeup. Recommended for galaxies and milkyway.  (01/05/2022) -

  Canon EOS T Ring
Not bad
  Double quick delivery, seems a good product, however there is some slop when it is mounted to the camera and the scope, minor niggle but enough to drop the score to 4 stars  (01/05/2022) Philip Simpson - North Lincolnshire

  SkyWatcher 3/8 Inch Thread Stainless Steel Tripod
Well worth the investment
  This item was bought for mounting my newly aquired vituoso gti wifi mount.Being unable to find a suitable surface to operate from,this tripod seemed to be the answer.As other reviews,I was totally amazed at the substantial weight and quality of the item.Very happy and can recommend this supplier.  (28/04/2022) Malcolm Thompson - South Wales

  SkyWatcher EQ3-2 Polar Alignment Scope
Good aid to setting up
  The scope certainly makes setting up for photography easier. Read the instructions carefully; these suggest using an app for the position of Polaris. Polar Clock is a good one, as it presents the position as seen in the scope on the reticle, and is simple to use.  (27/04/2022) Alan Atkinson - County Durham

  Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 Inch SCT Telescope
  I've just received my telescope and I must say seeing it put together actually makes me quite emotional to have something like this in my life it looks amazing thank you so much guys for making my dreams come true I love it thank you. Xxxxxx.  (26/04/2022) -

  Baader 40mm T-2 Extension Tube
Excellent service.
  Items were excellent to use with a Zeiss Abbe barlow. prompt delivery, could not fault the service thanks.  (25/04/2022) Mike - Staffordshire

  Celestron Basic Smartphone Camera Adapter
Celestron smartphone adapter
  Its a great product. And the price is amazing I have seen this product almost twice this price. So I was really happy and amazed to get the genuine product at this price  (24/04/2022) Mark - North wales

  Celestron NexYZ DX Smartphone Adapter Kit
Great product but wont fit large 2 inch eyepieces
  I really like this product. Unfortunately I have some very chunky 2 inch eyepieces. It wont fit my 20mm Nagler. It does fit my 9mm 2 inch (barely). I think itll be great for 1.25inch. There is a little bit of wiggle/play in the z axis but overall the product is built well and I like blutooth  (24/04/2022) -

  Bresser SCT T Adapter and T Thread Extensions
Just what I needed
  I needed some extension rings for my camera train and this worked out the cheapest way of buying the rings, did end up with the sct adapter but that will no doubt come in useful another time  (24/04/2022) Phil - North Lincolnshire

  SkyWatcher EQ3-2 SynScan PRO GOTO Upgrade Kit
EQ3 pro upgrade kit
  Great piece of kit to make my mount fully goto. Easy to fit and use. Harrison Telescopes could not have sent it any quicker. Thank you  (22/04/2022) jax - Sussex

  SkyWatcher SolarQuest Mount Head
SolarQuest Mount Head - Well Worth Buying
  I bought this as I was struggling to align with the sun. Delivery was quick and hassle free. I have only had chance to use it once however it was easy to set up and it found and tracked the sun with no problem. A nice compact little mount that is well worth buying  (21/04/2022) Dave - Derby

  SkyWatcher EQ3-2 RA Motor Drive
Very useful addition to the telescope
  The drive was only delivered a few days ago, so it hasn't been possible to make a comprehensive test, but I can confirm that it is easy to attach and use, and as it uses a stepper motor, I expect it will be accurate.  (21/04/2022) Alan Atkinson - County Durham

  Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 5 Inch SCT Telescope
  Bought as my first telescope - beginner. The starsense explorer app combined with the scope is what appealed to me. Lots of reviews on You Tube so I'm not going into that. I also wanted a portable scope that was easy to set up and take with me in our motorhome. Ticked all those boxes for me.  (19/04/2022) Peter - York

  SkyWatcher Startravel 102mm EQ1 Refractor Telescope
  reasonably easy tripod set up. The telescope performs as expected  (17/04/2022) - oxford