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Recent Product Reviews from our Customers

  Celestron LT 127AZ StarSense Explorer Telescope
  This is an awsome telescope and the best Christmas gift ever. Customer Service were so helpful. Couldnt be happier.  (15/01/2022) -

  Celestron LT 127AZ StarSense Explorer Telescope
Celestron LT 127AZ StarSense Explorer Telescope
  A great beginners scope and the service from Harrison telescopes could not be faulted,amazingly quick dispatch and there after service is also 5 stars so ready to respond to even the most basic beginners questions.  (12/01/2022) Andy Hills - Bristol

  SkyWatcher Long Dovetail Bar
Great service
  Quick delivery a really good experience shopping, and a quality item  (10/01/2022) Michael - Kent

  Canon EOS T Ring
Worked as advertised
  Wanted to link Cannon DLSR to scope - adapter ring worked fine  (10/01/2022) -

  Celestron Dew Shield DX 6 & 8 Inch SCT
  Excellent item, first class service.  (10/01/2022) -

  Explore Scientific Eyepiece and Accessory Soft Case
Great product
  Excellent storage solution for all my lenses. Adjustable spaces and arrived with a couple of days.  (10/01/2022) -

  SkyWatcher SynScan WiFi Adapter
Saves a load of hassle
  Nothing to set up. Once in and powered on, new alignment options available. Easy then to go straight to target. Recommended, saves time and trouble. Note, if alignment is repeated, RESET it first from SYNSCAN, otherwise it can get in a pickle.  (10/01/2022) Richard - Derby

  Baader SCT Ultra Short T Adapter
Excellent service.
  Easy to order and very quick delivery. Well-constructed and does what it needs to!  (10/01/2022) -

  Celestron StarSense Hand Control USB
Most excellent
  Easy ordering, fast delivery. Made the mistake of plugging my previous one straight into an HEQ5 whilst trying to update (the controller).  (10/01/2022) Ian - Cambridgeshire

  Universal T Adapter 1.25 Inch
Good for the price.
  This is a no frills item which does what it says on the tin. The fit is good with no rattles or movement and the finish is matt black, and looks durable enough. It attaches nicely to the T-ring for my Canon EOS DSLR and I'm hoping to take my first steps into astrophotography soon!  (09/01/2022) Peter Power - Dorset

  OVL 1.25 Inch Ultra High Contrast Filter
OVL Filter: Exactly as I'd hoped.
  I bought this filter to observe the Orion and Flame nebulae with my Skywatcher Starquest 130P, also bought from Harrison's. The filter allows better light transmission than an OIII filter on a 130mm scope and gives excellent contrast. The Orion nebula appears much bigger and sharper. Very happy.  (09/01/2022) Enthusiastic Newbie - Northumberland

  SkyWatcher Explorer 130M Telescope
Excellent scope and excellent service
  An excellent telescope which will do me for a while to come. Setup was mostly straightforward, and I have had several "wow" views of the night sky already, including the Orion nebula. Harrison offered an excellent service, with extremely fast delivery. Very pleased with both scope and service.  (09/01/2022) Stuart - Essex

  SkyWatcher Moon Filter 1.25 Inch
Great Service
  Really quick service and delivery , good prices , what more can you ask for ?  (09/01/2022) Stewart Ross - Newmarket

  SkyWatcher Evostar 90mm EQ2 Refractor Telescope
Great service, super fast delivery
  Highly recommendes  (09/01/2022) -

  SkyWatcher 7mm UWA Planetary Eyepiece
Planetary eyepiece
  Very happy with my purchase, delivery was quick I purchased my telescope off them and they offered help and advice when I wanted to purchase a eyepiece for viewing planets, I highly recommend this company.  (09/01/2022) Diane - Lancashire

  SkyWatcher EQM-35 Pro SynScan Modular Equatorial Mount
Great mount
  A1 delivery from Harrison Telescopes. 1st OTA and goto mount ever used. It is not easy but perseverance will pay off. Read up, watch you tube etc. It will help if this is your first goto. I have had it for 4 months and no regrets. Great for deep space and flexible for dslr mount only.  (08/01/2022) Tony - Herefordshire

  SkyWatcher 5mm UWA Planetary Eyepiece
Amazing eyepiece
  I had sought advice from the Harrisons experts and was recommended this eyepiece to get better magnification of the planets. Wow, its simply amazing! I have been using it to view the Moon and Jupiter: the detail I have been able to see it truly incredible. Thanks for the recommendation!  (08/01/2022) Sally - Essex

  Altair 2 Inch Positive Lock 90 Degree Prism Diagonal
Altair prism diagonal
  Received mine today,real nice quality and feel,the twistlock is smoother than my baadar twistlock. Not tried it yet but I know it'll perform well.very pleased .  (05/01/2022) Chris - Leicestershire

  Helios Fieldmaster 7x50 Binoculars
Excellent binoculars for stargazing
  Bought these as a gift and very happy with the purchase. Delivery was quicker than expected, and quality of product excellent. Robust body, comfortable around the eyes due to the softer viewing aperture and very clear results with great details. Would recommend for a newbie.  (04/01/2022) -

  SkyWatcher Explorer 130M Telescope
  Fantastic service from Harrisons it was with us within three days of ordering. Its set up ready to use irst time user and my husband found it easy. Hoping for clearer skies soon. Definitely reccomend Harrisons.  (27/12/2021) Geraldine Greenwood - Lancashire

  Altair Imaging Ready 2 Inch Solar Herschel Wedge V2
Love it!
  This is an excellent product, very nicely made and finished. Way better than using Mylar film. I got the photo version. Left it running on a 3 inch refractor for ages and it barely got warm. Shows up sunspot and granulation detail really well. Larger and heavier than it looks in the picture.  (20/12/2021) Steve - Brighton UK

  Baader Solar Continuum Filter 1.25 Inch
Nice product
  Very happy with this filter, nicely made like most Baader equipment. And it works really well with my new Atair Herschel Wedge.  (20/12/2021) Steve - Brighton UK

  Micro 4/3 T2 Adapter Ring
Connects my Micro 4 thirds cameras to my Meade 70
  This handy device allows me to connect my Olympus PEN Mini E-EM1 and a Panasonic DMC-G5 to my Meade 70 goto telescope. There are some small screws so the collar to be rotated so that the camera can be any angle to the telescope. There is a big focus adjustment needed from the viewfinder though.  (20/12/2021) Paul - Stevenage

  Fuji X T2 Adapter Ring
X-T4 works perfectly
  Delovered quickly, thanks Harrison Telescopes. Bought for an X-T4 for use with a Celestron SLT 130. Perfect fit and initial results good, now awaiting some clear skies and time.  (19/12/2021) Kevin - East Sussex

  SkyWatcher 2x De-Luxe Achromatic Barlow Lens
Great lens
  Spoke to the sales guys about which scope would be best for planetary exposure and they recommended this one. They got back to me immediately and their advice was most welcome (always has been!). Cannot recommend the place enough.  (19/12/2021) Gemma - England