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  Baader AstroSolar A4 Solar Film
baader AstroSolar A4 Solar Film
  Well packaged and easy to cut with maximum protection provided. This assumes that the detailed instructions contained in leaflet is adhered to. Tried out on a small telescope and the details of a (white) Sun were amazing. Good product.  (14/04/2024) Carl - Hampshire

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
  Best to protect pyour eyesight by buying eclipse viewing glasses from a trusted supplier even if you spend more.  (11/04/2024) -

  Explore Scientific A4 Solarix Solar Filter Film
Quality item, instructions a bit vague
  Bought this for my camera and scope for the April 24 eclipse The items were well packaged and good quality The instructions for making s solar filter could have been a little clearer however, as they took a wee while to decipher. Perhaps a YouTube video would help.  (10/04/2024) Billy Smith - Ayr

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
Cool glasses! But no eclipse!
  Bought these for my grandkids to watch the partial eclipse in April 24. Unfortunately it rained so we watched it on TV. At least the glasses looked cool!  (10/04/2024) - Ayr

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
All good
  Used them during an eclipse, they worked great, no issues.  (10/04/2024) -

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
  Bought these to use at the USA eclipse on 8th April, 2024 and we were delighted by the quality of our experience using these 'glasses'. Much better than the free ones that were available.  (09/04/2024) Gill - Devon

  Altair QuadBand OSC CCD 2 Inch Filter V2
Very pleased!
  Usual great service from Harrison's - arrived quickly and safely. Expecting good things from quad-band, passing Ha, Hb, SII and OIII in two narrow(ish) groups. So far, I've only used on the Rosette Nebula, but results were excellent! Nebulosity very well captured with minimal processing. Great Pic.  (09/04/2024) Ian Parker - Cheltenham

  SkyWatcher Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
Does the job
  Nice tool to correctly adjust secondary mirror.  (08/04/2024) Michal -

  Baader Planetarium Laser Collimator MKIII
Worth the price. Comes with battery
  What a great upgrade for a beginner. I've had only lens telescope but now got Truss 12 inch. Super easy to set everything and then little adjustments and ready to watch the night sky. Laser collimator does the job perfectly. Highly recommend  (08/04/2024) Michal -

  Altair 20mm M48 Spacer Extension - Easy Grip
Does the job well
    (08/04/2024) -

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
Very happy with purchase, arrived next day
    (08/04/2024) - Liverpool

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
Great quality!
    (08/04/2024) -

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
Seestar S50
  Smooth transaction with Harrison. Updated on delivery of product, dispatched on time. Delivered double boxed in A1 condition. Definitely use this company again.  (07/04/2024) Pat Goddard - Norfolk

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
Incredible bit if kit
  Really impressed. Very simple to set up and superb results for the price. Excellent service, too.  (07/04/2024) Guy Swarbrick - Berkshire

  Altair Hypercam (PRO TEC) Camera Lens Adaptor for Canon EOS
Lens adaptor
  Purchased for Samyang 135mm lens. Thanks to UK weather have used just one time. Back focus distance appears to be spot on. Only slight negative is that a filter draw is not an option. 2 inch filters may be screwed into adaptor but requires disassembly of lens from camera. 1st class service from HT  (07/04/2024) John Baxter - Kent, UK

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
Exemplary service
  Placing my order at very short notice, I expected to head off to America without a smart telescope for the total solar eclipse. But Harrison Telescopes were true to their word, pulled out all the stops, and the Seestar S50 was in my hands on the morning of departure. First-class service throughout!  (07/04/2024) Ade - Norfolk

  Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars
Good value!
  Nice piece of kit. Gives another dimension to naked eye star gazing. Great service from Harrison Telescopes as always.  (07/04/2024) -

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
  The immediate things that stand out for me are 1.battery powered, 2.small 3. five minutes setup 4. it can be outside while you control from indoors . 5. solar imaging all positive so far  (07/04/2024) Dr G - Gwynedd

  Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope
Super Scope
  Great service and an excellent little travel telescope with great detail when observing the Moon or other planets.  (07/04/2024) -

  Baader Planetarium Solar Eclipse Glasses
Fast Service.
  The Solar viewing glasses arrived very promptly, and are as described on the web site. I have not yet had an opportunity to use them to view an eclipse, but I have no doubt that they will prove to be fine.  (26/03/2024) MalB - Uk

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
Nice piece of kit
  Very nice smart telescope, much easier to use than my Nexstar 4SE. Very quick delivery too  (25/03/2024) Keith Robinson - Doncaster

  Altair 30mm M48 Spacer Extension - Easy Grip
Does the job
  Have a number of these. Moved over to them after having trouble undoig plain extension tubes. Work realy well.  (24/03/2024) -

  Altair 20mm M48 Spacer Extension - Easy Grip
Does the job
  Have a number of these. Moved over to them after having trouble undoig plain extension tubes. Work realy well.  (24/03/2024) -

  Starwave Red Dot Finder Kit RDF for Telescopes
Good RDF value for money
  I've been using an excellent but expensive Willam Optics RDF for the past ten years. This Starwave RDF is very similar in quality i.e. sturdy alloy metal, easy to use but at nealry half the price. Hightl recommended.  (24/03/2024) Graham - Surrey

  ZWO SeeStar S50 All in One Smart APO Telescope
Great telescope and service
  Was looking into astrophotography and came across the Seestar. Harrison Telescopes service was very good and the telescope arrived really quickly. Really pleased with images Ive been able to capture in my first use of it. Great telescope for the price and easy to use - just need cloud free nights  (24/03/2024) Jules - Derbyshire