Telescope Manuals, Support and handset firmware updates

Instruction Manuals for Telescopes

This useful resource page has links to the online manuals and instructions for nearly all the popular Telescopes available from Celestron, Meade and SkyWatcher. In addition we have included links to downloads such as firmware updates for most GoTo Telescopes.

Simply click on the appropriate links below to find online instruction manuals, ideal if you lose them or just want to research a prospective purchase.

Celestron Telescope Instruction Manuals

Meade Telescope Instruction Manuals

SkyWatcher Telescope Instruction Manuals

Firmware updates for Telescopes

Here there are links to the dowload and update pages for many different Telescopes, for example you will find the latest Meade Autostar updates and ASU, firmware and CFM for the Celestron range of handsets, NexRemote updates and SkyWatcher SynScan firmware.

Celestron Firmware Updates

Meade Autostar Updates

SkyWatcher SynScan Updates

Telescope Support articles and guides

Here you can access the technical support sections from the major Telescope manufacturers which include instructional videos and setup guides along with FAQ's.

Celestron Support

Meade Support

SkyWatcher Support

Explore Scientific Support

Celestron PWI Telescope Software

Celestron PWI Telescope Software

Celestron and PlaneWave Instruments have joined forces to develop a specialized telescope control software suite that is now included with all new Celestron computerized telescope mounts. Celestron PWI (CPWI) Telescope Control Software unleashes the full pointing accuracy of your new Celestron computerized telescope.

Download CPWI Software HERE - Free

Download CPWI Instruction Manual HERE - Free

With any one of three connection methods from your PC to the mount, CPWI’s telescope control and Sky Viewer display makes selecting your target easy. You can find all your favorite deep sky objects in CPWI’s extensive object database. For even more choices, we’ve linked CPWI to the online SIMBAD astronomical database, which contains more than 10 million celestial objects!

CPWI employs PointXP mount modeling, which accepts numerous star alignment points for superior pointing accuracy. PointXP (the same technology found in our StarSense AutoAlign accessory) goes beyond the pointing capability of a traditional hand control. By adding multiple star alignment points, CPWI accounts for various types of alignment errors, including instrument flexure. The result is the best possible pointing accuracy for your Celestron telescope.

Telescope Compatability
CPWI is compatible with all new Celestron computerized telescopes equipped with the Nexstar+ hand control, StarSense hand control, or integrated WiFi (such as NexStar Evolution and Astro Fi). Please see the full list compatible telescope mounts below to confirm your mount is compatible with CPWI.