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Altair Wave Series 125 EDF F7.8 APO Refractor

Altair Wave Series 125 EDF F7.8 APO Refractor

The Altair Wave Series 125mm EDF F7.8 APO is a highly specified doublet APO refractor which offers plenty of aperture, portability and high resolution for the visual observer with fast cooldown and easy handling packed with quality features. The demand for a modern day replacement for classics like the Takahashi FS128 has resulted in this new instrument being commissioned and we believe it to will become a classic in it's own right. All Altair refractors are checked optically and tested and guaranteed to be in collimation - this extra level of assurance is provided at no cost to the customer.

Astronomy Now magazine described this telescope as a Rolls Royce of refractors when reviewed.

No compromise exclusive features:
Superior colour correction ED Doublet
Optical test report, every lens meets Strehl 0.95
CNC 3.7" Rack 'n Pinion geared focuser
Binoviewer ready, dedicated extension tube

The optical tube weighs only 7.9kg and compresses down to 33" transport length and is supplied with a 3.7" "Rack 'n Pinion" geared Focuser with self centering 2" aperture and 2" to 1.25" adapter as well as hinged tube rings and standard dovetail. A removal 55mm extension tube allows enough extra backfocus for binoviewers.

Why a longer doublet refractor? A 5" long focal length ED refractor hits the perfect balance for visual observers, whether you are into planetary, lunar, deepsky or solar observing. An ED doublet lens cools faster than a triplet lens, because there is no centre-element with an insulating air gap so thermal equilibrium is reached quickly. Frant-end weight is also minimised for a nice balance, and the longer focal ratio allows superb colour correction and memorable planetary views. Finally two lenses means two less air-to-glass surfaces than a triplet for better contrast and less scatter. The 125 EDF is a good choice for high resolution solar imaging. (Please see some solar images). Performance for white light solar observation with the Altair 2" Herschel Wedge gives the ultimate crisp views. The contrast and resolution are high enough to easily see granulation and delicate structures within sunspots. Views and images with the Daystar Quark Hydrogen Alpha, Sodium or Calcium eyepieces are also superb.

Premium geared focuser The 3.7" fully rotatable rack and pinion focuser is superb with absolute precision allowing perfect focus, often an area of compromise on lesser models. The dual speed is smooth and accurate and the drawtube has a graduated scale for reference, the positive lock system holds your eyepiece and diagonal safely and precisely to the optical axis.

Apochromat performance, modern design: Usually Altair's "APO" designation is reserved for triplet refractors only, however, the 125 EDF, whilst a doublet refractor, has no colour aberration visible in-focus. This is thanks to a long F7.8 focal ratio and a modern computer aided design. An optimisation process simulates lens performance, taking millions of permutations into account and consulting a vast catalogue of optical glass before deriving the radii and spacing of the ojective lens. The designer's only criteria was to use modern Synthetic Fluorite FPL53 ED (extra high desperstion) glass and to keep the focal ratio at F8 or shorter to allow for an easy-to-manage tube length. Every lens surface has a different radius in this design, something quite uncommon amongst refractors, making the lenses harder to polish, however the results are well worth the effort. Glass melt data has also been used to calculate the lens element spacing.

Altair Wave Series optical test report: Your Altair 125mm ED Triplet APO optics are repeatedly tested and re-figured during the final stages of production, until signed off by the optician in charge of the production batch. The best quality ED glass is used element, which is fully annealed and cooled to relieve internal stresses. Each lens cell has a serial number engraved on the front ring. Working closely with our optical technicians, we have introduced a unique multi-tier quality assurance process for all Wave Series lenses, to ensure the highest quality and lowest chromatic aberration. These lenses are modified, and are far superior to the "normal" production quality lenses offered by most manufacturers. Star tests speak for themselves, and colour correction is superb, as can be seen from the various observing reports and images taken with Wave Series refractors. During the production process, a laser interferometer image is acquired in 532nm green light, and imported into fringe analysis software to create an optical test report summary. This test report is included with your telescope. Each image is a "snapshot in time" of the lens on the test bench. Vibration, air currents and other environmental factors can influence the image, and the outcome of the report, though these factors are minimised during testing in a climate controlled environment. Providing a test report is a useful way for us to assure that our our production quality is consistent from batch-to-batch. A paper report printout is included with your telescope, which corresponds to the serial number visible on the lens (an example report is shown in the thumbnail images below the main product image, with the serial number deleted).

What can I expect to see with this telescope?
The Altair Wave Series 125mm APO will deliver very high contrast images of planets and the Moon. Under steady skies you will easily be able to see detail and changing weather patterns in the cloud belts of Jupiter, the pastel shades of Saturn's planetary disc, as well as the Cassini Division in Saturn's rings. You'll be able to distinguish the changing weather patterns on Mars, as well the dusky surface features and the ice-white polar caps (seasons permitting). Remember planetary viewing is perfectly possible in the city and that light pollution will not affect your view at all. The Moon will reveal so much detail you could spend a lifetime watching the sun rise over crater walls, Lava plains, impact craters and mountain ranges. The image is significantly brighter than a 4 or 4.5" refractor due to the larger surface area of the objective lens. In terms of deep-sky objects, the 125 EDF performs very well on the brighter Deepsky Objects. Under dark skies, it will resolve the individual stars in globular clusters like M13 in Hercules, and you will be able to see wisps of nebulosity in objects like the Orion Nebula giving it a 3D effect, as well as the dust lane in the Andromeda galaxy quite easily. The Ring nebula in Lyra shows a true "smoke-ring" shape against a dark background. This telescope can be used with nebula and light pollution filters to bring out even more detail.

Q: I need a mount for this telescope, what do you recommend? There are several options available, and we can offer a competitive package to suit your budget, as well as mounting hardware to suit your use scenario. The Altair Sabre AZ Mount is the perfect portable non-electronic mount for the 125 EDF. Motor driven GOTO Mounts capable of carrying this telescope are the Celestron AVX CGEM and SkyWatcher EQ5, EQ6, HEQ5. For long exposure deepsky imaging, an HEQ5 & EQ6 class are within capacity for the 125 EDF.

125mm EDF specifications:
Aperture / Focal length: 125mm / 975mm.
Focal Ratio: F7.8.
Resolution: 0.93 arc seconds.
Limiting Visual Magnitude +12.6.
Highest Useful Magnification - 246x (atmospheric conditions permitting).
Air spaced ED Doublet APO lens with optical test report and interferogram image.
Fully multi coated on all optical surfaces for high transmission.
New 2017 3.7" Dual speed Rack 'n Pinion focuser with 170mm backfocus and 100mm travel. Full 360 degree rotation with Teflon tipped screws.
2" rear Self-Centering Adapter on focuser with stainless steel "Capstans" for tightening.
Aluminium tube with white matte powdercoat.
Retractable, lockable dew shield.
1:10 ratio micro focuser knob.
Optional 60mm Deluxe right angled finder scope with illuminated reticule.
CNC machined tube rings compatible with Altair TMS M6x30mm hole spacing. Felt lined.
Vixen-format dovetail bar.
1.25-2" adapter with brass compression ring.
Scope Weight - 7.9kg without accessories.
Scope Length 838mm with dewshield retracted.

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Altair Wave Series 125 EDF F7.8 APO Refractor


Price: 1,699.00

Including VAT and Warranty ✔

A premium 5 inch class doublet Apo refractor with top quality FPL53 ED optics and a longer focal ratio for stunning performance, with a superb 3.7" focuser and sliding dewshield as standard. These optics are modified to achieve a higher quality images. Both the lens element spacing and the centration are set up to get the best balance between colour aberration and the best possible star-test. This process takes time but we believe this is a class leading model and superior to it's direct competitors, a dream refractor for serious visual observers. An intergrated extension tube can be removed to add 55mm of backfocus allowing binoviewers to work. All Altair refractors are checked optically and tested and guaranteed to be in collimation - this extra level of assurance is provided at no cost to the customer. Astronomy Now magazine described this telescope as a Rolls Royce of refractors when reviewed.

No compromise exclusive features:
Superior colour correction ED Doublet
Optical test report, every lens meets Strehl 0.95
CNC 3.7" Rack 'n Pinion geared focuser
Binoviewer ready, dedicated extension tube

We have published an article explaining the merits of this design, read about ED Doublet refractors.

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